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Shiraz Adak starch company started its operation in 1363 with the aim of producing starch and glucose by modern standard of the world with Mr Rahimi engineering management & with the porpuse of competition in market & supply the requirements of Iran industries.

Adak starch with attendance on its aim that must be its presentation of producing in high quality according to the request of consumer & always attempt to use the best technologies of the world according as purchase of modern machine upturn Adak industry.

Adak excellent communicability with the wheat production big industries in Iran & so its result useage the best wheat of Iran
The factory transformed & get a step forward in 1382 by buying & adding modern & new machine in Irans starch & gluten industries .Also Adak starch take step to establishment a new & modern unit which is called Fars glucosin company with communion of cooperators & colleagues in starch & gluten industry in 1372 .

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