About us

Based in Shiraz, Adak Starch Company was established in 1984 by Mr. Rahimi producing high quality Starch and Gluten for human consumption and industrial application. Adak is in accordance with the worlds latest standards and technology.

To keep up with the worlds latest technology Adak upgraded it production lines in 2003, bringing in state of art cutting-edge machinery.

In 2009 further investment on the factory’s expansion and additional machinery, enable us to increase our market presence supplying the biggest customers in the market.

Because of using flour in starch production process we procure our flour from the best milling companies and fine flour is used in all our products.

In 1993 Adak and their business partners, launch Fars Glucosin company, a modern starch and Gluten production in Shiraz.

Lead by an elite team of forward thinking and ambitious businessman and well-trained and professional staff, Here in Adak we plan for further expansion and development in order to keep our position as an example of high quality and market key player.

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